Standard Deal

What is the standard deal?

We become a limited partner (LP) in your fund. We commit €1 million of capital if you're a solo GPs; or € 2m in case you're a team of 2 GPs or more. We will pay 1% management fee and 10% carried interest. We do not take carried interest or a share of your managing company.

how early do you invest?

We often commit long before our GPs have any other LP commitments. Think of us as a pre-seed investor that invests in funds and their founders. We think of you as an entrepreneur building their legacy, not a bucket to deploy money into.

What types of funds are eligible?

We are focused on first-time venture capital funds that invest in the early stage. We rarely invest in funds that have a target size over €30 million, but there is no hard cap.

How do You select funds?

We look for grit and determination, unique access to dealflow and demonstrated track record of professional excellence of the fund managers with a focus on successful investments.

Do you have any Geographic restrictions?

No, we invest globally.

What else do I get?

We invest in two batches a year, totaling around 15 first time GP teams. One of the main benefits is this cohort - it's the peer group you're leaning on while you build your fund. Our allocators are a fascinating bunch of driven individuals from all walks of life - you're going to fit right in.

We provide access to our LP network and will actively support you to raise your fund. We also support fund managers with all the paperwork and administrative tasks of setting up and running a fund. See the overview of the fund services we cover.

What is the next step to get funded?

Apply by Jun 15, 2024 for Allocator One Summer 2024

“It's incredibly refreshing to find an anchor investor that will work with us on standard and transparent terms.”

Agnes Aistleitner Kisuule

Founder at First Circle Capital

“Working with A1 was definitely a game-changer in helping us to build out our deal warehouse."

Selma Ribica

Founder at First Circle Capital