The A1 Model

What do we offer?

Our 12-week, fully individualized investment process is designed to get you to first close. We have designed our activities specifically to help you get your first venture capital fund successfully off the ground. However, we also work with managers who are further advanced on their journey. In rare circumstances, we also incubate new early stage venture funds from scratch.

How often?

We run two batches every year, investing in around 5 funds each (or around ten funds a year.)

What are the terms?

We generally invest under our Standard Deal. (Exceptions are rare, but do happen, especially in the odd case of managers we only meet near end of their fundraise.)

How long does it take?

The process typically takes a maximum of 12 weeks from first contact to closed deal.

HOW & Where?

The investment process is conducted on a fully remote basis.


First and foremost, it's about you - the founder and GP.

1. Thesis & Edge

  • A clear, differentiated investment thesis

  • Define your edge - what's your unfair advantage?

  • Storytelling - why you?

  • Who's in your network? Why do people come to you?

2. Deal Warehouse

  • Do you have a well-tracked pipeline of quality deals

  • What's your deal-making process

  • Why do founders pick you as their investor 

  • Do you already have signed deals for your fund?

3. Setup & Admin

  • Leverage our knowledge and network in your location

  • Build partnerships with us and third-party providers

  • Learn fund administration and reporting 

  • Set up your fund and team incentive structures

4. Fundraising

  • Combine your network with ours and your batchmates'

  • Let's define your process, tools & time-lines

  • Learn common pitfalls, dos & don'ts & LP preferences

  • Present at Allocator One Demo Day

Will everyone in the program receive the standard deal?

We select participants of the program for their talent and ability to be most successful VC fund managers of the future. Just like we do not make the acceptance of the standard deal a requirement for participation, we also do not guarantee that we can offer the standard deal to everyone in the program. If you require transparency about your ability to receive the standard deal at any point in time, we are very happy to make an accelerated investment decision, even before the end of the program.

What do I need?

Just the desire to be the founding partner of a successful VC fund (or a “solo GP”). If we decide to work together, will be happy to provide you with everything else you need as part of our process.

Anything else?

Contact us with your questions or apply directly.

“Working with A1 was exactly what we needed to get us from zero to Fund 1 quickly.”

Selma Ribica

Founder at First Circle Capital

“When building a fund for the first time, it's the things you don't even know you don't know that hold you up."

Agnes Aistleitner Kisuule

Founder at First Circle Capital


A1 Summer 2024 Batch: Jul 2024 - Oct 2024

If you are a fund manager with a background that’s different from the background of typical fund managers you see in the market, we strongly encourage you to apply even if you think that you will not qualify. We strongly believe in the power of diverse teams and are committed to provide support to talents that might need a bit of help to find their path to thrive.

Apply by Jun 15, 2023