Start up your own venture capital fund.

Team up

As company builders we understand the intricate nuances of getting founders off the ground and have actively built multiple funds. We make sure you have everyone you need to get started and consider ourselves part of your team.

Get funded

We are deeply embedded in the international eco-system of institutional investors and family offices and have a long track record of investing in funds. We are committed to bring the funds in our portfolio up to scale.

Avoid the hassle

Paperwork sucks. We spent years pushing pencils to make sure founders and funds get the money they need. We have built workflows, a network of service providers and proprietary technology to take the pain away.

What we offer

Our Program

A focused 12-week program for upcoming VCs  to get you ready for your first VC fund.

Get the peer group, investor network and service access to get your first VC fund started.

A1 Winter 2023 - Applications Open

Dec 2023

—Mar 2024

Standard Deal

We provide the first money as an anchor investment for your new venture capital fund with our standard deal:

  • 1 Mio anchor investment for your fund

  • 1% management fee on our commitment

  • 10% carried interest for you

Fund Services

We support fund managers with all the paperwork and administrative tasks of setting up and running a fund.

Currently limited to selected batch participants and funds in our portfolio.

At A1, we were challenged to go really deep. Who's our real network, what's our real edge, what do we really want to achieve?

Agnes Aistleitner Kisuule

Founder at First Circle Capital

Who we are

Michael and Felix have been friends and business partners for over a decade. They founded a company together and made every mistake worth making (and quite a few on top).

Together with Paula, they have committed themselves to spending the next decades making the funds ecosystem more accessible, more diverse, more fun and more profitable.

Paula Schwarz

Founding Partner

Paula is a true impact entrepreneur and investor. She built StartupBoat, one of the leading social incubators . Coming from a family business background, she helped to build funds around the globe and received a scholarship from 500 Startups to finalise her Investment Management Trainee at Stanford University.

Felix Staeritz

Founding Partner

Felix has a long track record as an entrepreneur and investor. He built and exited FoundersLane, the largest independent corporate company builder in the world, creating over €1B in portfolio value across Europe and the Middle East with top-tier entrepreneurs, investors and corporates.

Michael Ströck

Founding Partner

Michael is a passionate entrepreneur and fund investor. He has been an active venture LP for over a decade, as well as a founding partner and founding investor of multiple funds. Together with Felix, Michael leads the Allocator One Anchor Funds that invests in the best new fund managers all over the world.