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Limited offering

Fund services.

We support fund managers with all the paperwork and administrative tasks of setting up and running a fund. This offering is currently limited to selected participants of our program and funds in our portfolio.

Overview of services we cover.

Compliance verification

  • Ensuring KYC (know your customer) compliance

  • Ensuring AML (anti money laundering) compliance

  • Fulfilling compliance requirements of FATCA

  • Fulfilling compliance requirements of CRS

  • Fulfilling compliance requirements of relevant regulator(s)

  • Fulfilling compliance requirements of central bank(s)

Governance processes

  • Registration of managing directors with the central bank(s)

  • Registration of responsible officers with FATCA and CRS

  • Providing a responsible officer for KYC and AML

  • Corporate housekeeping

  • Executing shareholder resolutions

  • Fulfilling shareholder responsibilities in portfolio companies

  • Auditing of investment documents and shareholder resolutions

  • Minimizing liability of general partners

  • Setup and ongoing monitoring of a tax setup

  • Auditing and approval of tax reports and tax audits for all involved entities

External reporting: Preparation of financial data

  • Detailed schedule of investments from a fund administration point of view

  • Classification of investments into equity, convertible securities, incidental acquisition costs, etc.

  • Classification of inflows and outflows (e.g. interest, dividends, profits, deposits)

  • Alignment on accrual-based accounting of interest with the portfolio companies

  • Assessment and reporting of fair values

  • KPI calculation for fund track record (e.g., IRR, hurdle rate and other specific key figures)

  • Calculation of gross multiples and exit multiples

  • Calculation of the waterfall

  • Calculation of fees and charges

  • Calculation of necessary reserves

External reporting: Reporting to authorities and the public

  • Fulfilling reporting requirements of FATCA incl. application for a GIIN number

  • Fulfilling reporting requirements of CRS

  • Fulfilling reporting requirements of relevant regulator(s)

  • Fulfilling reporting requirements of central bank

  • Supporting communication with relevant regulator(s)

  • Supporting communication with central bank(s)

  • Preparation, coordination and signing of the annual statements of the companies involved

External reporting: Investor reporting [based on EVCA/IPEV]

  • Preparation of reporting templates

  • Preparation of the administrative figures overview part (financial statements with additional KPIs such as net IRR, TVPI, DPI; PICC)

  • Auditing of reports and reconciliation with accounting

  • Managing and executing information requests with portfolio companies

  • Orchestration and execution of reporting (e.g. online access and/or email)

Investor onboarding and administration

  • Servicing due diligence requests

  • Creating, maintaining and updating data records of all shareholders and their respective contact persons

  • Communication with investors on fund administration issues

  • Management of inbound investment contracts (data room management)

Support of investment process

  • Transaction support for capital deployment

  • Transaction support for secondaries

  • Coordination and execution of capital calls

  • Coordination and execution of distributions

  • Monitor deposits and withdrawals

  • Creating formal investment decisions with structured processes and documentation

  • Management of outbound investment contracts (data room management)

Management of external service providers

  • Coordination of legal services

  • Supporting all communication with legal service providers

  • Coordination of tax advisory services

  • Supporting all communication with tax advisors

  • Supporting all communication with banks

  • Supporting all communication with auditors

Financial administration

  • Management of the shareholders' capital accounts

  • Financial Accounting

  • Cash Management

  • Online Banking

A focused investment approach targeting first-time GPs in VC. From first contact to signed committment in a matter of weeks.

Get the peer group, investor network and service access to get your first VC fund started.

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a1 summer 2024 - applications open

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a1 summer 2024 - applications open

Jun 2024

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